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Oct. 11, 2017 | KVUE Profiles: Moses West has one goal in mind — eliminate drought


Feb. 17 2017 | CEO Moses West discusses how to produce water

Oct. 28 2016 | AWG: Pulling water from the air

What Experts Say

“We have plotted the expected performance (energy (kWh) per gallon) based on information provided in company literature for each company including AWG Technology. The measured energy consumption per gallon of water produced for the AWG Technology System is lower than any other unit reported.”

— Les Shepard, Ph.D.
Robert F. McDermott Distinguished Chair in Engineering
UTSA Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute

“Relatively moist and warm air enters the unit, it condenses on a cool surface inside the unit, water droplets gather on a drain pan, and then those water droplets are carried away.”

— Dr. Diana Glawe
Associate Professor of Engineering
Trinity University