Video of AWG5000 UNIT deployed and in operation  (click to view video)

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AWG-atmospheric water generator-water-unit - 4

The innovative design of the sliding platform allows for ease of use and rapid deployment. The unit support system is constructed of high-grade stainless steal for durability in a wide range of climates.

AWG-atmospheric water generator-water -2

The complete system for providing all of your drinking water needs comes in a 20 foot ISO container. A wide range of methods to include military airlift can transport the unit. When the unit is attached to its own chassis in can be rapidly deployed and placed into operation to provide emergency drinking water needs eliminating long supply lines for basic pure drinking water.

AWG-atmospheric water generator-water-drinking water - potable -1

The installation process is simple and user friendly. One button to start the system. You are now producing pure drinking water from the most abundant source of water on the earth. The atmosphere. Water can be stored or used on-site where needed.